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Questions that every Client should ask a Snow Removal Professional:

1. Do you carry liability insurance and WCB coverage for your employees?

In the snow and ice industry, it is critical to have the proper coverage to ensure your safety!

Snow Pros has WCB for all employees and carries $5Million in liability coverage.

2. What type of sites or clients do you service?

Some contractors specialize in Snow and Ice only, some do a little bit of everything. Some are great at condo complexes or only service residential. It's important to use a professional that offers the services you're looking for. Snow Pros focus on Snow and Ice management ONLY and only services Commercial and Industrial buildings of all sizes.

3. What geographical areas do you focus on?
Make sure to use a snow and ice professional that covers the area your sites are in,

otherwise a special trip out to your site can result in delayed or non service. Snow Pros

covers all of Calgary and Okotoks, so we always have a team member near by.

4. What equipment do you have and how much man power do you staff?

This is important because the right tool MUST be used for the job to ensure the quality and efficiency is there. A plow with a straight blade will not offer the same quality service as a front end loader or bobcat  that scrapes down to asphalt. Using a company with enough man power will ensure they can provide high quality and stay on time. Snow Pros has front end loaders, back hoes, bobcats, plow trucks with Boss V-plows for parking lots, and use sweepers, blowers, shovels & scrapers, snow throwers and quads with blades. We have the right tool for the job!

5. Do they have policies, procedures, and a safety program in place?

It is imperative to use a company that is organized with a strong foundation put in place. This allows for everyone to be on the same page, for the team to understand each others expectations, and quality control and most importantly how to operate safely while keeping your sites clean and safe!   Snow Pros has dedicated a lot of the off seasons to develop the policies and procedures to make us one of the most organized Snow and Ice removal companies in Calgary. Our focus on having a Safety policy allows us to train and operate effectively, quickly and safely!

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