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Attended SIMA Conference
Another rewarding conference where we had the opportunity to meet with the largest and most successful snow removal companies from all over North America.
This allows us to share ideas with each other and understand ways to enhance quality services provided & utilize the latest technology specific to Snow Removal.
Added GPS & software tracking to our Fleet
Applying this technology allows us to be a more efficient and cost effective team, it provides even easier and more accurate log books eliminating liability concerns, and reduces the hazard of theft to our important pieces of equipment.
This reassurance allows both our staff and clients piece of mind that they are working with a professional company with real time tracking.
Ice Solutions
We're constantly upgrading our capabilities to attack snow and icy conditions in order to keep your sites safe and clean.
Ask us about Liquid treatment for an  Anti-Ice and De-Icer program to provide a higher standard quality control, and directly reducing liability concerns!
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