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The Snow and Ice industry is extremely Complicated!

Imagine a working environment that is dependent on the always changing weather (especially in Calgary where the saying goes "If you don't like the weather, just wait 20 min") where we wait on Mother Nature to dictate when and how hard we work.


Where it's impossible to schedule anything because we are ALWAYS on call and must work day or night, 24/7 and potentially miss our kids birthdays, family get togethers, or even Christmas. Where equipment breaks down, and traffic slows down because of extreme weather.

We work in the freezing cold, sometimes as cold as -40's C where machines break down, hydraulic lines freeze, where our team risk their health and lives to ensure the job gets done. We work when roads are shut down, when environmental alerts and warnings tell people to stay home.

We rely heavily on the hard work and dedication of employees, who sometimes get sick, or have family emergencies. We have large fuel consumption and risk dealing with salt shortages. We encounter freezing rain, wind drifts, huge dumps of heavy/wet snow, extreme cold temperatures, reduced visibility, and work mostly at night while everyone else gets to enjoy sleeping in their warm beds.

We're essentially partnered with Mother Nature and are at the mercy of her ever changing mood swings :)

We do all of this, to ensure that the sites are clean and safe for our clients, their tenants and customers!

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